All you need to know about Savina Uldry's project

« It has been seventeen years in the event management business, I still recall the idea of wanting to start this as a career at my own wedding in 2014. This was the ideal and perfect route I wanted to tread upon, it involved everything I loved; managing and organising, but keeping in mind the sentiments attached to such events! I was dreaming of creating my own little world of being able to help and support others, I knew that day that, this was going to change me and my career option for good.

I busied myself, learning and developing in both my studies (Master’s in Communication and Sponsorship Specialist) and in my professional life. I loved putting my skills, and my energy at the service of people who believed in me. I realised that I would be helping others to live their dream, creating the special moments of a lifetime, alongside making sure that they can enjoy their "precious moments", this itself was a treat for me, which meant that this was the future for me without hesitating I plunged further in to it!


Each wedding is a new challenge, a new adventure and a new "special project" that must be managed with meticulousness and professionalism. The team you work with is your backbone, those whom you trust to support you through managing the day successfully; which is why I chose to surround myself with the best, in order to leave nothing to chance and to make sure that the bride and groom are completely satisfied.

Feel free to browse through my website, where you will discover some of the beautiful moments captured, of events we have successfully organised and helped. We believe communication is key! Everything begins with a simple message with couple to be, which later envelopes to become beautiful memories for life. As a bonus I speak multiple languages, French, German, Italian and English, so do no hold back, I look forward to hearing from you soon!

I love:
  • • Building relations
  • • Listening to others
  • • Challenges, especially the ones that are difficult to find solutions for
  • • The beautiful things in life
  • • Perfection and attention to detail
  • • Reactualising dreams
  • • Smiling, you shall see it soon enough!

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