Marie & Mohammed

They live between Gstaad, New York, Dubai and London. She is American, he is Iranian, they met in the United States. The decor is arranged, and it is an "international" wedding that will have to be organised in the prestigious Gstaad Palace. The setting is beautiful, just as expected by the lovely bride and groom, who wish to have the wedding celebrations spread over several days, with relatives who drop by during the pre-wedding party at the prestigious Hotel Bellevue.

We redoubled our efforts to actualise the wishes and desires of this lovely couple, it took us 280 hours of work in total to organise the transport and transfers of the various guests - hosted in several establishments, the live bands and the dance floor at the edge of the pool, all for 350 guests. It is necessary to listen but also to anticipate: the families forgot to consider an important parameter of the equation, the Swiss weather! It is a risk when the marriage is controlled remotely. We insisted on having a plan B, due to the weather, which would be hosted in the garden. It's hard to have 350 people outside if it's raining, and We were right, since we had arranged tents to cover the back fall, and if need required to cater any extras as well, just to be safe.

A wedding that was quite intense, but nevertheless was no less than magnificent. Seeing demanding business partners being delighted with the result is the best feeling, and not forgetting the most important people of all, the newly married couple.

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