Wedding Planner

Philosophy side of things ; each couple is unique, each love story is unique and each marriage is unique. The customisation is particularly important for us, and that's why we do not offer "copy-and-paste" projects but uniquely tailored and well organised memorable days.

Let's build together the wedding of your dreams! Contact us on: (link: contact form). We can discuss this further on a cup of tea or coffee, we can sketch a plan and a quote with no obligation.

To begin our collaboration, here are our different packages & services:

• Turnkey package (All-in-one, Contains 80 working hours minimum)
You want to get married? We are here to help you, we will arrange it all for you, and assist you in fulfilling your dreams. We create everything from A-Z according to your desires, thanks to the turnkey package.

• Complementary package (40 working hours minimum)
You sketch the outline of your wedding, you already have your photographer, you have your base covered, however you need assistance with the rest of the technicalities then this is where we as a team will step in to assist you? This is the complementary package ideal to suit your needs.

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